Senior Accountant, Partner

I was born and raised in mainland China where I graduated from the Xin Xiang Medical University with my Doctor of Medicine after which I worked in a teaching hospital as a Physician and taught diagnosis to medical students.  During my tenure as a medical doctor I usually felt guilty that I could not reduce my patient’s pain or save their lives, this was very disconcerting to me.

Upon immigrating to Canada in 2001 I saw an opportunity to change my career, and since I loved mathematics I chose Accounting as my new career in a new country.  I graduated from Concordia University with my Bachelors of Commerce with a major in Accountancy.  Upon graduation I moved to Calgary where I met my husband, who incidentally was working as an Accountant with a small Oil and Gas company.
Upon arriving in Calgary I had the opportunity to work for a variety companies before embarking with my public practice career, working in a series of smaller Accounting firms. I graduated with my CPA, CGA in 2015 and decided that I wanted to partner in my own accounting firm.

During my tenure in public practice prior to graduation my focus was compiling financial statements for small business owners, where is could offer tax planning to help them reduce the amount of taxes paid.

Outside of the office I am passionate about music by learning guitar (and plan to continue my lessons here in Nanaimo) and ball room dancing. I enjoy spending time travelling with my husband seeing different countries and cultures, and exploring Vancouver Island