Many of our clients arrive at our door through referrals. The best place to start is to give us a call at (250) 667-0059 and speak directly to one of the partners: either Norm or Anna. From there we can discuss your needs and set up a time to meet.

Yes, we will assist in your accounting needs.

No corporation is too small. In fact, many seemingly minor issues add up to significant cost and tax savings. Every client is important to us.

We pride ourselves on our personal, hands-on approach. That’s why at New Heights Accounting you will sit down with both of our partners, Norm Wolf and Anna Wei, to discuss your accounting needs.

Our office is located at 324 Harwell Road, Nanaimo B.C. This is a home based business with office on the main floor of our house.

You should book an hour but often, a half an hour is enough time to cover most of the discussion.

Bring your corporate minute book, last year’s financial statements and corporate tax returns as well as your personal tax returns and notices of assessment for you and your spouse, if applicable for the last year filed.

If you have current financial information, such as sales forecasts, bring it to help with planning. For first year-ends of corporations, or if you have questions about whether you need to incorporate, bring your personal tax return for last year and your notice of assessment.

Unlike other accounting firms, we do not charge you for the initial meeting. Offering an uncharacteristic dedication and hands-on approach to accounting, we want you to have the opportunity to sit down with us and experience firsthand how we do business.

We will need to make copies of at least the prior year’s corporate and personal tax information, GST information and details from your corporate minute book.

A standard professional courtesy letter is sent to your accountant from our office and a response is required before we can begin working with you. If you like, you are welcome to contact your prior accountant by telephone or email prior to our office contacting them to advise them of the change.

Each New Heights’ client is different and has unique business needs, making it difficult to generalize our accounting fees. In our initial meeting with you we will provide a quote which will later be put into writing.

Yes. In the first year of service with a new client we ask that a portion of the annual fees be held as a retainer. In subsequent years, you will be invoiced after your file is complete.

Then by all means, ask! We pride ourselves on our service and dedication to our clients and invite any and all questions relating to your business or personal planning. If your question falls outside the scope of our expertise, we are happy to point you towards other resources and professionals in our network.

Generally, there is no bill sent for occasional questions throughout the year. We expect that corporate clients will have questions and include ongoing consultations in our initial fee assessment.

If you have many questions and the time required to address them exceeds what we anticipated, we will let you know and inform you of any charges before they are incurred.

We are always available to meet by phone or in person. Typically, it’s best to touch base with us just prior to your corporate year-end so that we can make sure that any planning that needs to be done can be implemented.

You will receive an email reminder or a phone call from us three months prior to your year end of your year-end to remind you that your year end is pending. Then a reminder will be sent just before the year end to start preparations. Just after the year end date we will ask that you provide us with your financial information for the year so we can begin work.

Each client is different, but we generally ask for the following.

  • Any correspondence received from the Canada Revenue Agency
  • A year-end income statement and balance sheet, or a summary of your income and expenses if you do not use accounting software
  • A GST return
  • A year-end bank statement

It typically takes two weeks to prepare a corporate year-end once we have all the necessary information.

We will send you an email with the draft documents and after which we will set an appointment with you to personally review the financial information, giving you time to ask questions before file is finalized. If there are any revisions we will complete them and send them to you for your review and subsequent approval. Nothing is submitted to CRA prior to your approval.

Your year-end package includes any due dates or important deadlines. Generally, corporate tax payable balances are due within 90 days after year-end. There are specific occasions that require payment within 60 days, but this will be brought to your attention in your year-end package.

Yes. We can prepare them monthly, quarterly or annually, according to your filing period. Usually, for monthly or quarterly files, you will be able to do it with a little help from us.

Cash, Cheque, Visa or MasterCard is accepted upon completion of our services.